David Futoran, Conference Chair


David is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a dual-degree in Business and Biology. His interests include healthcare, entrepreneurship & innovation, and real estate. David is extremely passionate about WUHC. Aside from planning the Conference, David recently wrote a masters course on Innovations in Health Economics. In the past, he has worked as a clinical research assistant and a teaching assistant for a biochemistry class. For fun, David plays an active role in the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. He also loves playing tennis, mastering the art of mixology, and has an unhealthy obsession with the Hudson Yards.

Madeline Fagen, Committee Teammate

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Madeline is a sophomore at Penn studying the Biological Basis of Behavior. Her interests include healthcare, mental health, media, philanthropy and social networks (both online and offline). In addition to WUHC, Madeline is involved in the Locus Initiative, a charitable platform for millennials, and Synapse, a medical magazine. Madeline has extensive experience in scientific research, most recently studying the role of social networks in moral decision making. Some of Madeline’s hobbies include googling anything and everything, watching short films on YouTube, and using her Apple Pencil.

Shiv Nadkarni, Committee Teammate


Shiv is a junior at Penn, studying neuroscience. He's interested in the bioethics and neuroethics of emerging health technologies, community mental health care delivery, and neurology. On campus, Shiv is involved in the premier preprofessional healthcare fraternity, Alpha Iota Gamma. Outside of the field of healthcare, Shiv is heavily involved in the arts through a Cappella (Penn Counterparts), music (voice) mentoring, and performing Indian classical dance mostly in the tri-state area. In his free time, Shiv likes to cook, and write and watch comedy.

Carol Hu, Committee Teammate


Carol is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying Economics and Computer Science. Her interests include behavioral psychology, network science, asset management, and global health. Outside of WHUC, Carol is a member of the Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society and a Vice President for the Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club. She’s currently piloting a research project on the use of temporal network modeling for epidemic control at Penn’s Department of Electrical and Systems Engineer. During her free time, Carol loves playing badminton and canoeing in Eastern Canada.

Grace Kilpatrick, Committee Teammate


Grace is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a dual degree in Nursing and Healthcare Management. Her specific interests lie in global health and pediatrics. Outside of WUHC, Grace works for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as a researcher in Endocrinology and also serves as an Under Secretary General for the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference. Above all, Grace puts her family and friends first. In her free time, she is most likely to be found binge watching Parks and Recreation or out exploring Philadelphia. Grace is very honored to be a part of putting on this conference and looks forward to learning more about healthcare alongside peers and professionals.

Yiwen Li, Committee Teammate


Yiwen is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania in the Roy and Diana Program in Life Sciences and Management. He is majoring in Molecular Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as Healthcare Management and Policy/Finance in the Wharton School. He is passionate about the intersection of the life sciences and business and has worked at the McGill University Health Centre to develop a new technology-based intervention platform for adolescents with brain-based disabilities. Outside of WUHC, he is on the Penn Club Swimming Team and enjoys backpacking, hiking, and photography.

Erin Kennedy, Committee Teammate

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Erin is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in nursing with a minor in healthcare management. Her interests include healthcare informatics and innovation. Outside of planning the WUHC conference, Erin is the vice president of Nursing Student Leadership Council and a peer advisor. Aside from her clinical experience in geriatrics, obstetrics, general medicine, and GI surgery, Erin has worked for a clinical research software company and currently does childhood injury prevention research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. For fun, Erin enjoys running and traveling.

Mahip Grewal, Committee Teammate


Mahip is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior and minoring in Healthcare Management. Her interests include healthcare policy, bioethics and global health. Mahip is particularly passionate about neuroscience and is working on the Asperger Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Program of Excellence Study. On campus, she is also involved in Penn Glia, the South Asia Society and Synapse. In her free time, she loves reading, watching Grey’s Anatomy and trying exotic ice cream flavors! 

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, Committee Teammate


Anthony is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in Nursing. His interests include leadership, entrepreneurship, filmmaking, and performing arts. Besides from being a part of the WUHC conference team, Anthony is a tour guide through Kite and Key, a member on the Administrative Planning committee for the 1vyG conference, and a participant of Penn’s Club Gymnastics. In the past, Anthony organized his high school’s first ever “MiniThon”, a dance fundraiser that raised over 50 thousand dollars for pediatric cancer. Anthony is beyond excited to be a new member on the conference team this year! 

Evelyn Gotlieb, Committee Teammate


Evelyn is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying in The Wharton School. Outside of business, she hopes to pursue the sciences and take an overall interdisciplinary approach to her time at Wharton. At Penn, Evelyn hopes to further her interests in entrepreneurship, community service work, and research. She is excited to take part in planning the conference and learning more about the interface between business and healthcare. 

Rachel Levin, Committee Teammate

Headshot for WUHC.jpg

Rachel is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a double concentration in Finance and Business Analytics in Wharton and a minor in Math in the College.  Her interests include healthcare management & policy, big pharma, and healthcare economics.  In addition to WUHC, Rachel is involved with Smart Woman Securities, OWN It UPenn, and Wharton Investment and Trading Group.  In her free time, Rachel enjoys playing the clarinet, taking long bike rides, and spending time with friends and family.

Mary Lin, Committee Teammate


Mary Lin is a freshman in the Life Sciences and Management dual-degree Program studying Biology and Finance. Her interests include biotechnology, research, and healthcare management & policy. Aside from WUHC, Mary is an avid member of the Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club and the Synapse science journal. In her spare time, she enjoys perfecting her ultimate latte recipe, fulfilling her dreams of becoming a food connoisseur, and honing her DJ skills. Mary looks forward to working with everyone on the team to plan an amazing conference. 

Matthew Batnick, Committee Teammate


Matthew is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania in the Roy and Diana Vagelos Life Sciences and Management dual-degree program studying Biology and Healthcare Management/Business Analytics. Previously, he served as a lab research intern at Mount Sinai Hospital, where he developed his interest for the applications of innovations in the healthcare industry. Matthew’s interests include healthcare, statistics, data analytics, and sports. Outside of WUHC, Matthew is involved in the Wharton Undergraduate Sports Business Club. For fun, Matthew spends time with his dog in his hometown of New York, and avidly supports his dear New York Yankees, Knicks, Giants, and Rangers.

Jacob Cohen, Committee Teammate


Jacob is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in Healthcare Markets and Finance. His interests include healthcare, politics, and sports. Jacob is extremely excited to be involved in WUHC. In the past, he has worked as a clinical research assistant and a summer marketing intern at Factor Finders. For fun, Jacob plays an active role in the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, and he enjoys cheering on his beloved Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cavaliers.

Lavanya Kanneganti, Committee Teammate


Lavanya is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania in the Roy and Diana Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management studying Biology and Healthcare Management/Finance. Her interests include corporate healthcare/healthcare policy, health tech, translational medicine, and genomics. Outside of WUHC, Lavanya is also a research assistant for the Perelman School of Medicine, a business/market analyst for Ride-Health, and a UPenn tour guide for Kite and Key. She’s a passionate college basketball fan (Go Kentucky Blue #BBN), lover of pick-up volleyball, a dedicated movie watcher, and an avid latte-drinker.