Dr. Samant Virk, Co-Founder and CEO of MediSprout

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Dr. Samant Virk is Founder & CEO of MediSprout, a company focused on connecting doctors with their patients through innovative technology solutions. Samant’s vision is to address the shortcomings of healthcare by enhancing one of the cornerstones of medical practice, the provider-patient interaction.

Having practiced clinical medicine for almost 15 years, with a specialization in Neurology and Interventional Spine, Samant came to the realization that the healthcare system is broken with more physician time being spent filling out insurance paperwork, playing phone tag and chasing follow-ups - and less time treating people, helping families and serving communities. 

Samant founded MediSprout, which aims to solve this with its virtual video product, V2MD, a secure, reliable way for a multitude of practitioners to better connect with their existing patients to build relationships and provide ongoing care.