Dr. John Chuo, SPROUT Pediatric Telehealth Research Collaborative Chair, Clinical Champion for Digital Health Evaluation, Neonatal Quality Officer


Dr. John Chuo is an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine, of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Chuo earned his Masters of Biomedical Informatics at the Joint MIT-Harvard Program in Health Science and Technology and received his training as a Quality Improvement Advisor from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  As the Neonatal Quality Officer for the CHOP Newborn Care Network, Clinical Champion for Digital Health Evaluation at CHOP, and a practicing Neonatologists at the CHOP Neonatal/Infant Intensive Care Unit, Dr. Chuo has built successful Quality Programs that utilize Informatics and Quality Improvement frameworks to achieve value driven healthcare.  His research and numerous publications are focused on implementation science, team intelligence, and the implementation of telemedicine as a quality improvement intervention.  As a Cofounder and current chair of SPROUT (Supporting Pediatric Research in Outcomes and Utilization of Telehealth), Dr. Chuo is focused on using Pediatric Telehealth research collaboratives to identify best or potential best practices for using telemedicine in order to meet the triple aim.