Curtis Duggan, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Mesa Health


Curtis Duggan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Mesa Health. Coming from a background as an agency owner in the field of technology, mobile product development, and user experience design, Curtis is now tackling one of the world’s most pressing health problems: the burden posed by lifestyle-related and chronic disease.

While co-founding and running Dactyl Studios, his British Columbia-based mobile app agency, for four years, Curtis saw firsthand how profoundly the mobile and cloud revolutions were transforming various industries in the early 2010s. However, he observed that the health care industry in particular was not leveraging advances in technology and experience design with the same velocity as other industries. In 2015, he decided to dedicate his life to addressing the global chronic disease burden by partnering with co-founders and investors to co-create Blue Mesa Health, a digital health company with a mission to provide chronic disease prevention solutions in the USA and internationally.

Blue Mesa Health delivers Transform and Transformemos, English- and Spanish-language digital translations of the CDC’s landmark preventive program, the Diabetes Prevention Program.