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Adapting to Patient-Driven Healthcare


Welcome to the sixth annual Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Conference!


This conference will be a chance to explore advancements in healthcare with leading keynote speakers, panelists, and your peers!


Our Keynote Speakers

Bernard J. Tyson Hi-Res Photo.jpg

Bernard J. Tyson

Chairman and CEO, Kaiser Permanente

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Luis Jodar

Chief Medical and Scientific Affairs Officer, Pfizer Vaccines


Our Panels


In this new age of healthcare, where various coverage options are constantly evolving, it is important to understand the market’s fluidity and, in turn, the growing role of patients as consumers. Patients, regardless of prior experience in coverage selection, often don’t possess the knowledge that health economists, and industry idealists, might covet. This panel will discuss this growing gap, providing insight into the ways in which patients must consider their healthcare options, and how the aforementioned developing system poses challenges for individuals everywhere.

Krisda H. Chaiyachati, MD, MPH, MSHP

Clinical Innovation Manager

Penn’s Center for Healthcare Innovation

Kristin L. Carman, PhD, MA

Director of Public & Patient Engagement

Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute

Gary Holderby

Chief Commercial Officer

GoMo Health

David M. Bishai, MD, MPH, PhD


Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Jan Oldenburg, FHIMSS

Speaker, Writer

Personal Health Engagement Solutions

Neha Srivastava

The Wharton School MBA Candidate




Healthcare is more than individual patient level analysis. The health status of these populations of varying demographics must be brought to the forefront of healthcare discussions. Moreover, with prominent issues like vaccine hesitancy rising today, population health is becoming an increasingly relevant topic. This panel will tackle the importance of addressing both patient and population health needs, the ways in which population health and its pressing concerns are evolving, and the new technologies and innovations influencing how we care for all patients.


Heather Klusaritz

Associate Director for Center for Community and Population Health
Perelman School of Medicine

LeRoy E. Jones

GSI Health

Evan Anderson, JD, PhD

Public Health Law Researcher
UPenn Schools of Nursing and Medicine

Allen Miller

CEO and Principal
COPE Health Solutions

Graham Attipoe

The Wharton School MBA Candidate




The USA spends more per capita on healthcare than any other OECD country, but American medical outcomes are not proportionately better. In fact, some metrics deem US patient outcomes to be worse. Evidently, our effort and resource allocation has been to no avail. Rather, we must make tactical, efficient decisions on how we look to treat patients domestically. In order to thwart our investment in low-value care, or quite simply, interventions that provide no medical benefit, Americans face an important choice going forward: we must determine how to intelligently fund various healthcare initiatives. This panel will discuss how the shift to value-based spending will not only help us financially, but also, and more importantly, help us physiologically.

Mark V. Pauly, PhD

Bendheim Professor of Healthcare Management
The Wharton School

Michael Cirigliano, MD

Founder’s Associate Professor of General Internal Medicine
Perelman School of Medicine

William Kramer

Chief Legal Officer
Medically Home

Catherine MacLean, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Value Officer
Hospital for Special Surgery

Molly Candon, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine

Lecturer, Health Care Management, Wharton School

Ibrahim Bengali

The Wharton School MBA Candidate



Translational research builds upon years of basic scientific knowledge to discover truly revolutionary novel therapies and treatments. While long an impressively innovative field, its astronomical growth in recent years has led to a acceleration of the discovery and diagnostic timeline.  This panel will discuss recent advances in translational research as they relate to the “bench-to-bedside” collaborative approach to bringing scientific innovation to patients.


Garret A. FitzGerald, MD, FRS

Penn Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics

Joseph Camardo, MD, FCPP

Senior Vice President
Celgene Global Health

Venkat Sethuraman, MD

Spine Physician’s Institute

Steven Nichtberger, MD

Co-founder, Chairman, CEO
Cabaletta Bio

Christopher Ragsdale

The Wharton School MBA candidate



Case Competition

Compete for the title of "Accenture x WUHC Case Competition Winner" and a chance to win a cash prize and networking opportunities with our sponsor.

Career Fair


Cowen presents an intimate experience with firm leaders, including a Senior Healthcare Panel, interactive experience, and an open Meet & Greet with recruiters to discover healthcare careers at Cowen.