LifeWIRE provides a multi-patented, cloud-based, communications platform for population monitoring and patient engagement. Used for Outreach, follow-up and feedback, patients can use any device, anywhere any time, including over 400 wearables and medical devices. Clinicians or patients can initiate automated, interactive dialogues, based on the Clinician’s scripts, to communicate real-time biological and anecdotal feedback. LifeWIRE reaches out to 3rd parties such as clinicians, family and peers to engage medical and natural support systems. LifeWIRE uses existing, provider protocols or workflows, which can include defined assessments and validated instruments. The qualitative and quantitative data combine to form continuous, real time, 24/7 situational awareness of the patient. The data is used to define baselines and norms, so that the clinician only sees the escalations; out of range results, warnings or flags. Set-up is instantaneous. There is no software or App to install, no special equipment to buy.

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